Key Objectives


Community work in Kenya

1. To assist the needy by educating them on viable income generating activities: Application for loans, business angagement and other financial resources for the purpose benefit of the community members.

2. To empower vulnurable people with knowledge and awareness about human and legal rights of that they aim emerge with strong leadership qualities.

3. To raise, mobilize and disburse funds, food stuffs, clothing, medicine and other resourses of needy communities.

4. To offer education grants of scholarship to economically disadvantaged children.

5. Assisting communities in water exploration by sinking wells, constructing earth dams, installing piped water system, and implementing water project for domestic use.

6. Livelihood skills development, capacity building and enterepreneurship training for the disadvantaged members of the community for economic development.

Community work in KenyaDedicated to the improvement of quality of life for all, alleviation of poverty

Community work in Kenya “To see communities living dignified and more sustainable livelihoods”

Community Work in Kenya“To empower marginalized groups with an aim of achieving sustainable livelihoods at grassroots level”

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