Community work in Kenya


At NEDI we work to secure the rights of ethnic minorities through provision of platforms for their voices to be heard and the promotion of cooperation and understanding between them and other stakeholders as well as government agencies. Our activities are focused on advocacy, training, human rights as well as outreach.

Responding to the deep-seated disempowerment of minorities (in Kenya) on the one hand and the opportunities presented by the new constitutional framework on the other, we advocate for the principles of multiculturalism in every sector of our society, including in education and access to basic factors of production like land, water and other important life support resources. Further, we advocate for more political participation of minorities in order to give them a voice to be heard, appreciated and respected.

Water, Health and Sanitation

At NEDI, we are working with the government and other organizations in advocating for clean and safe use of water as well as the protection of water catchment areas.  As water is one of the most essential commodities, its scarcity has adversely affected the livelihoods of communities. At NEDI, we assist these marginalized communities to access important factors of production like water, land and other important resources.

Women Empowerment

NEDI works with marginalized women in giving them a voice to be heard and appreciated through Agribusiness and other Economic Empowerment initiatives.

At NEDI, we believe each woman can be the author – and the hero – of her own life. While she may acquire important life skills and become financially independent, what she reclaims if her dignity, inner strength, and her place in her community. She discovers her empowered voice and becomes the author of her future; Most importantly, she regains something life-changing and vital; her hope.


NEDI creates environmental awareness and carries out biodiversity projects in through the provision of leadership and encouraging partnerships in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling communities to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

We provide systematic community-led Bottom-Up approach at the initial stages by emphasizing the initial involvement and participation of the community stakeholders who are the intended beneficiaries of a protected environment

Community work in KenyaDedicated to the improvement of quality of life for all, alleviation of poverty

Community work in Kenya “To see communities living dignified and more sustainable livelihoods”

Community Work in Kenya“To empower marginalized groups with an aim of achieving sustainable livelihoods at grassroots level”

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